Teesdale through new eyes

My home town of Barnard Castle was the most boring place in the world to me as a teenager, since moving back here it’s like a totally different place. It hasn’t changed, the fact is the town probably hasn’t in generations. It’s me that has changed. 

We picked the house we are in because of the beautiful view  – where as in the city we picked a house that was close to the night life. How times have changed. 

 Our view from our garden. 

My husband added a bird feeder to our garden this week and was so excited by the birds, we also have a bird house with a family of blue tits in and I had to chuckle, if I could talk to  my 15 year old self about my love of this beautiful part of the world. I would die laughing!!

 My days of sitting in rush hour traffic behind me, well on the whole, replaced now by hours behind tractors and actually trying to get to anywhere on time! I have to say driving in the countryside is certainly fun, there’s always a question mark over if you get safely to your destination, but at least the view while I am driving is beautiful!


the view from the roadside

Often we are so quick to disregard what’s around us because it’s so familiar. But now I think it’s wonderful, I see my home town and area through new eyes and it’s so beautiful. I can’t wait to share it with you ….. Until next time xoxoxox


The Castle, Barnard Castle
The Buttermarket Barnard Castle
an old tunnel , in the old part of town
old tree in the grounds of Raby Castle
above the clouds, foggy day in Middleton
view of the castle , opp the river, Barnard Castle
Tyne Bridge
Egglestone Abbey
Egglestone Abbey
Graveyard at St Marys, Barnard Castle
By the river , Middleton in Teesdale
By the river and bridge, Middleton in Teesdale
Green Lane walk
fields of yellow, so beautiful
Green Lane