Excuse or exercise?? 

This weekend we had friends from the city here for a visit. I love to see the area as a tourist again as it reminds me how very lucky we are to live here. 

It was a weekend of letting our hair down and I will admit we had a couple of treats but we also exercised to! We took a lovely long walk around the area and it got me thinking …. Perhaps now is the time to add exercise to my weight loss journey! 

I am not a natural athlete, I was the one lagging behind tripping over my two left feet in PE at school. There isn’t a sport I enjoy or activity I want to do a lot of (other than dance) so how do I get this started without giving up after the first week?!? 

Well my motivation has always been Gavin, to do something positive in his memory so I am using that same drive to help me stay motivated here! 

I did a work out tonight and for the first time EVER I was able to plank and do some burpees!! I realise to those of you that work out a lot that might sound nuts but being so big it always hurt my hands and I couldn’t jump up well!! I keep saying it’s not always about the big goals and it isn’t. This week my weight stayed the same and after a few food related treats I deserve that! But being able to work out more comfortably, I will take that as a win! These little goals add up! 

I am moving into week 9 with a new incentive! What will I be able to do another month down the line ?!? 

I love the meme that says,

No matter how slow you are running, you are running circles around those sitting on the couch! 

The one that is more relivent to me is the one that says 

If I am running you better run too, I am likely running away from the zombie!! 

If today you are reading this thinking about trying to start healthy eating! Do it now, if I can anyone can! I truly mean this.  I have a fairly bad food addiction. I’m still not perfect, I make mistakes but the most important thing it to keep trying. Never give up, I learned that from the most amazing person I ever knew, my hero, my warrior – my cousin Gavin, cancer took him from us but he fought with everything he had! We all can learn from that! We all should learn from that! 

Until next time! 

Here are some shots from my walk this weekend 🙂 

3 thoughts on “Excuse or exercise?? 

  1. You’re doing great! One thing I had to mention is there’s an app called Zombies, Run! Which is a sort of game which incorporates training you to run… It’s really hard to start running, so anything else that helps you get into it has to be a good thing! (I used to run every day and now I don’t do any running any more, so was considering starting again!)


    1. Hahaha I love this!!!! I am going to download now!! Last year I started to train for a race, I have done a few 5ks etc but then I had the miscarriage and it all just stopped. So I know I can do it and once I get into it I love it….. It’s just getting into it lol! Maybe zombies would help!!

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      1. Well I have gotten into running a few times and then let it slide. So I’m realistic about how hard it is to do it properly when you are me (not built for running!). The trick for me was to start off doing it really rigidly, ie a small amount (like just a mile!) every day for about two weeks. For me two weeks was enough to turn it into a habit! I used to set myself reeeeally tiny goals for every day (seriously, I think I did 1-2 miles a day!) and then do a longer run at the weekend. You have to do maintenance during the week in order to start to “enjoy” the weekend runs! Also if you can get a couch potato to 5k plan, they are good too. Good luck! Xx

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