Race for Life Muddier and what it means to our family….


This weekend my cousins and one of our friends ran the 5k Race For Life muddier in Newcastle, the plan was for me to do this also making it my 5th race for life but since the miscarriage I am struggling, racing 5k without training seemed silly. So I decided to photograph it and then tell our story.

Our family is by no means alone in being touched by cancer, though it seems to be particularly cruel to us. We lost both my Granda and Nana to this dreadful illness! It has taken my great aunt and I have lost friends to it. Perhaps the most devastating was the diagnoses of leukaemia for my 26 year old cousin Gavin in Jan this year.

Gavin luckily has responded well to treatment, and is recovering well! Still a ways to go but the outlook is bright. Sadly that’s not the ending for a lot of people out there fighting this illness and it leaves you feeling so helpless. Watching someone you love go  through something so gruelling is  not something I would wish on anyone. So we decided to take part in this race to raise much needed funds for Cancer Research in the hopes that our money will help to better outlook for others, just as I am sure the research in the past has helped with Gavin’s treatment!

I find the Race For Life events very emotional, listening to the stories on stage from people who have lost family members, cancer patients or survivors it is heart breaking but also very uplifting to see so much support and everyone working for a common goal. If you haven’t taken part in an event by now – do it, it will be an amazing experience!

Please consider Cancer Research whenever you donate, they are so important!

Please show my family some love – I am so, so proud of my cousins for finishing this race, may I add my cousin Louise (Albino on her shirt) has now completed two of these last week and this weekend!! legend!!

Until next time xoxoxo

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