100 Guinea Pigs, 6 Cats, 2 Dogs and 2 humans!

My cousin Gavin is 26, he is mentioned in my previous blog, he has been a big influence on my decision to start to write publically, to feel confident enough to share. He has Burkitt Lymphoma it’s a type of Leukaemia. He was diagnosed in January this year and it has been a tough start to the year for all of us but no one more than Gav.

He has dealt with is better than I think I ever could have and is a true inspiration.

He had over 100 guinea pigs when he first fell ill and of cause he was unable to keep them on, for a start he was in hospital for two months because of the risk of infection, luckily he has a fantastic partner Shaun who has helped to keep some of them and my uncle who also cleans them out even now. Also some great friends who have actually taken some of them off his hands.

He has 6 cats, 2 dogs and some very strange indoor guinea pigs called skinny’s. The house you would think would be in a blanket of hair but proving how well they are matched Shaun is a neat freak and the only thing you can smell when walking in is flash and cleaning products!! I would love to know how they manage this.

Their animals are so loving and each has their own characters, being a dog lover I must admit a slight bias towards Riley and Ruby the dogs



The cats are a little more allusive so I only have the beautiful Una Bean on camera;

10501794_10152453057343039_6511605521462531776_n 11218944_10152453057163039_1045294071109030059_n

They also have a giant rabbit  and a couple of little ones =D

10479339_10152453055853039_7696763099561106127_n 11258250_10152453042448039_4501176561945546591_n

From a really young age he has loved animals, and his mum and dad have encouraged it. He had a lot of animals growing up and that passion hasn’t ever left him. He finally got a job working at the local vets just before being diognoised, luckily they are keeping his job open. 

One of the many positive things he has done while he has been enduring his chemo it to set up site and Facebook for his breeding business.
Castle Valley Cavies http://castlevalleycavies.weebly.com/ and Facebook page

He loves these animal’s so much he knows all of their dates of birth, the names, which are from which family! He takes so much time and effort with these animals you would be forgiven for being slightly envious of their life.

The strangest of the collection are the skinny’s, so adorable, but strange! Vera the female is current pregnant and due any day now!


22295_10152444297293039_3331029080286146719_n 10923443_10152444297178039_8143174061583809388_n 10984835_10152444296703039_8823069764951875083_n



I love spending time with this little family, being able to help in some way even if it just is by taking a few pictures for him to use on the website.

complete two

complete one

Hope you have enjoyed the furry cuteness, until next time xoxox

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