Mini moment – my day! What inspired it. 

So just a little blog about my day, earlier this year I found out my cousin has leukaemia. It came from no where and was like a punch to the face. 

We are a very close family and we were all devestated by the news. I am not an emotional person but I am not ashamed to say I cried for weeks, trying to get my head around it. I couldn’t bare the thought of him going through the chemo treatment. Luckily it is treatable but it had been a long hard road so far and he isn’t done just yet. He is getting better thank goodness!

We are all so proud of him, he will not give in probably doing more than he should even now. But it’s that sheer determination that will get him to the finish line I am sure. I love him so much for that he truly is my hero.

It’s given me a wake up call, it’s inspired me to share my writing with you all, take photography a little more seriously and perhaps most adventurously for me, go back to singing. 

As a child I loved to sing, I never really considered that I was any good I just enjoyed it. As I got older more and more people started to listen and enjoy it. I traveled for a while doing shows and met some fantastic people. 

When I settled down, it became more difficult to work full time and sing with traveling so it became more of a hobby. But my cousins bravery and attitude to this crappy illness has made me rethink a few things. What’s the point in not doing the things you enjoy just because you don’t make time for it. 

So today I went over to Broadwater Studio in Gateshead and recorded three tracks, I was so nervous but soon settled back into it and loved every minute of it!

I guess the point of this post is to say, live your life to the fullest. I don’t mean go out buy a camper can quit your job and travel the world, (although do if that’s really what you want lol) adventure takes many different forms. It might be learning a new skill, taking the leap into a new career! Or just getting one full day to your self to do with as you please. Or like me finding time to be more creative, painting, drawing, acting, singing whatever it may be! Do it – make the time!!

Every day now I think about my cousin and how much he has had to come through and then I think about those other people in the world who are ill and would give anything for just one more day. So I’m trying to do something in honour of those people, doing things now not putting them off until later. 

What sort of things are you putting off doing? Be brave jump in and do them! 

Until next time xoxoxox


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