A little post about me…. My eyes are different colours!

This is a little silly but I just had a conversation with someone I know and have known for a while that didn’t notice I have different coloured eyes. I just changed a profile pic on Facebook and freaked them out!

They are for real, no contacts, just born this way. 

I always have a little chuckle when people are so amazed by it because it’s something that’s so normal to me sometimes I am confused when they stare. I’m like, “dude do I have something on my face?? ”

I hated them growing up, I wanted to have two the same colour it certainly made learning to do make up a problem – how does anyone do your shades? What colours work best! Was I meant to walk around with one we shut to make my eye shaddow even?!??  Not to mention filling out passport forms or anything official! Eye colour box you only pick one – RUDE , just rude!! Lol

Anyway it’s a fun fact, my lovely readers about me that I thought I would share. I have learned now be proud of what makes you different – who wants to be boring anyway?!

#bornthisway #lovewhoyouare ❤️❤️ 


6 thoughts on “A little post about me…. My eyes are different colours!

  1. looks so beautiful, i can immagine not liking it as a child but then again, i hated my brown eyes as a child, too… thought they were boring, i think when growing up one tends to like themselves a bit better or ignore the things they don’t / didn’t like that much…


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