Meet my furry baby 

My last blog was an intimate one, sharing my story, journey really, through loosing my pregnancies and the reasons why I started to take pictures. They became a creative outlet, an escape from all the ugliness around me at that time. 

This one I wanted to share with you some happiness , in the form of my dog Tara! We call her Tara Taz (she even has her own Facebook page give her a like – Tara Taz)  ….. In case you were wondering, YES, I am one of those crazy animal owners who calls them their baby and treat them like they are actually a real person!! Feel free to roll your eyes now!

The thing you don’t know is this little bundle of fur, she has been my closest confidant through all of our fertility failure. She’s been there to cuddle me through my lowest moments. I remember after coming back from yet another hospital appointment after loosing one of our babies. She sat with me while I cried on my own.  .  .  I am not a public cryer .  .  . I held it together through the whole experience and it was only when I got home and sat with her that I let it go, she sat with her little fuzzy head on my lap while my tears dropped onto her head and when I was done and the crying slowed, she went and retreavied one of her toys and put it on my lap. It was like she was saying ‘here mummy, have this I still love you’.

Tara has her own personality, I think in a previous life she might have been royalty as she is quite a diva! For example, she has no interest in drinking water from a dog dish if it has been down for longer than a couple of hours …. Oh no …. And she has no problem waking me up in the middle of the night to refill it. She’s also happy to drink from the tap at a push, but either way you are getting up to see to her!! 

She’s a little Cracker Jack but we love her 🙂 


Until next time … 

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