Welcome to my world …

At the age of 18 I considered the small little market town I lived in boring, too small, without adventure…. So I packed up and decided to go out into the big bad world in search of what I thought would be adventure but turned out I was mainly looking for handbags!

I loved the big cities, the diverse cultures and people, the wonderful annonimity that I craved, the convenience of everything being so close to me and of cause, did I mention the handbags!?

I thought that would never change! I was so wrong!

I married a wonderful man, we had a very good life but still something was missing. We had worked so hard to get to a place that was comfortable but when we started to get there it didn’t have the happy feeling I expected. I was still missing something.

It turns out that thing was the beautiful countryside of my home town and all the things that once annoyed me now seems so very important.

My hubby and I are a team so no decision would be made without us both being on board!

Luckily he was and our adventure began. Here are some of the wonderful stories/ adventures of our new life.

Stick with me, if you can bare it, get a glimpse of what it is like to live in a small community. See the beautiful surroundings. Every day here feels like a holiday to us. Enjoy 🙂

Lane beside our house.

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